Osprey Custom Metal Welding and Fabrication

Osprey designs are unique and tailored to each customer's specific needs.

If it can be formed or fabricated from metal, Osprey can build it.  Meeting all your custom fabrication needs.

Metal Maintenance and Construction

Osprey Lightweight & Machine Ltd. provides contract trades people to a variety of plants and mills in North-Central Alberta. If you need a roll change team, millwrights, electricians or welders, we supply the best.

Safety First - Osprey Lightweight & Machine Ltd. has obtained a Certificate of Recognition. All our certified tradesmen adhere to both our own safety program, and that
of the prime contractor. Site specific orientations are required, and updated regularly.

Construction projects are also undertaken regularly. Monorails, fans, platforms and walkways, are examples of general construction projects we have built and installed. More specialized projects on sawmills, pulp mills, and other plants are completed as requested.  Projects requiring an engineer’s stamp can be approved by our contract engineer when requested.

For more information and pricing please call 780-648-2096, or e-mail to info@ospreymachine.com