Osprey Custom Metal Welding and Fabrication

Osprey designs are unique and tailored to each customer's specific needs.

If it can be formed or fabricated from metal, Osprey can build it.  Meeting all your custom fabrication needs.

Custom Metal and Welding Products

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Backlit Sign – This picture is one of many we have done, showcasing the intricate designs possible with the waterjet cutting machine.  The sign is the front of a box with lights on the inside of the box, creating a decorative backlit sign.  This particular sign was a retirement gift, we have also done some that were not backlit and used as a wall hanging, with or without frames.
Backlit signs – this backlit sign is of our company logo.  It was cut on the waterjet, then fabricated in the shop here and mounted on the outside wall.
Barley trade show exhibit – these blades of grass, table and chairs were made and painted here, for a local company to use for trade show exhibits.  The waterjet, brake and shear, and artistic talents of the staff are exhibited in the design of this display.
Blowdown tank with skid – this blowdown tank mounted on a skid was fabricated and welded in Osprey’s shop, and used all over Alberta.
Breast cancer tractor – This was a fun project!  It started off with a friend wanting a yard tractor her husband wouldn’t touch, and ended up being re-vamped and decorated as seen.  It was just finished in the late summer of 2008, and will be attending as a support vehicle at local cancer runs.
D-sign – Add some bling to your truck with waterjet designs on corner braces.  You can also add signage to the support frame or into the D-sign box itself.
Decorative rose – These polished roses make a bouquet that will last forever.  A gift that will be treasured by any woman.
Folding stairs – The folding stairs are built strong and sturdy to handle the rough roads and muddy boots of our Alberta oilpatch.
Fuel tank – This stainless steel fuel tank was custom built and then mounted on the car.  A classy addition to a classic car!
Generator housing – Brake and shear and shine!  This generator housing provides an example of our metal work.  We also build tool boxes (portable, mounted in your pickup, or cabinet units for your truck deck), fuel tanks.  Everything is customized to meet your needs.
Grass chair – A close up of the chairs from the trade show exhibit pictured above.
Grill guard – Heavy duty and designed to be unique for your truck, this grill guard will protect your truck from wildlife and most obstructions.
Hay rack – This hay rack was repaired and reinforced, ready to haul feed again.  We support Alberta beef.
Headache rack on rig – An example of the customizing you can do to your rig.
Headache rack – A pickup rigged out with headache rack, rocket launchers, customized and designed to add to the looks of your working unit.
Osprey shop, gazebo, fire pit and ball – This picture shows our shop, the gazebo we built for company barbecues, a firepit we cut and rolled, and a soccer ball we designed just to see if we could build a round ball!  It was successful and everyone had a great time rising to the challenge.
Picnic table – Sit and relax at this rustic wagon wheel table!  No legs to get in your way as you sit.  We also make matching swings and rocking benches.
Picture frame – This piece of beauty becomes extra special when used to hold an important picture.
Portable horse panels – These portable panels are made from aluminum square tube, providing a strong corral.  The panels expand from 8’ to 12’, are lightweight and easy to maneuver.  They are loved by rodeo contestants, people who show, compete on the trail, or just like to go ride the mountains.
Rotational molds – Rotational molds fabricated and welded out in our shop.
Sadie – Osprey cut the name into this valve cover.  Touches like this are often done on custom cars, motorcycles and boats.
Sightglass – Osprey machined and fabricated this sightglass.
Sign – Another example of the waterjet cut signs.  These can be cut from wood, stainless, aluminum or steel.  The jet cuts with a .030 nozzle, used here, or with the .010 even finer detail can be cut in.
Slide demolition – Pictured here is the crew removing a waterslide.  Offsite work includes installation, removal and maintenance of equipment.
Spoonin’ the walleye – a chair designed, fabricated and painted by Osprey staff.  This project was done for a golf tournament prize.  The ingenuity and attention to detail displayed here is applied to all our work, whether the products are for industrial, commercial or recreational use.  Osprey workers love a challenge, and this was just one of many that they had great fun with.
Stairs – these portable staircases are measured on site, then fabricated and delivered as per the customers needs.
Tile floor inlay – This name is inlaid in stainless steel into ceramic tile.  We cut the letters out of the tile, cut matching letters from stainless steel, leaving room for grout, and the finished product is an amazing showpiece for any entryway.
Tile floor inlays – Another eye-catching style of ceramic tile inlay.  Here we simply cut the outline of the figure into the tile, this outline will be filled with colored grout to make it standout from the surrounding tile.
Toolbox fuel tank – Custom designed toolboxes, with or without fuel tanks can be made to utilize the space available in the bed of your pickup.  L-shaped, flat, rectangular or two that come from the wheel wells up to the cab, whatever your needs, we can provide sturdy, space saving boxes.
Truck deck - The vented aluminum walking deck allows the mud to fall through, and provides a safe walking surface. A toolbox and handles on the checkerplate headache rack make for convenient storage, with our unique tire chain hanger design allowing easier access to bulky, awkward chains.
Van body after cladding – Before and after, this is the after picture of a clad body for an oilfield nitrogen unit.
Van body framework – Before and after, this is the framework of the nitrogen van.  Strong but lightweight aluminum tubing is used throughout, reinforced areas can be done at any stress points, cabinets and tool drawers are added as per customer requests.
Van body rearview – Rearview of van built and wired completely at Osprey’s shop.  Again cabinets, workbenches and tool drawers are built to customer specifications, the unit was then sent out for painting and brought back for finishing touches.
Van body sideview – Sideview of van unit designed and built in Osprey’s shop.
Waterjet motorcycle parts – Custom cuts into existing pieces, or completely custom designed parts add your personality to your recreational toys and work units alike.
Waterjet plastic sign – This sign was jet cut from plastic sheeting and mounted to a garage unit.  The plastic makes it maintenance free and will stand up for years.
Waterjet sawblade sign – This sawblade is another example of the versatility and multiple applications the waterjet can be used for.  Anything from heavy steel industrial parts to lightweight decorative pieces can be cut.  Belt buckles, licence plate holders and thick steel plate for equipment and machinery, it can all be done with this machine.
Waterslide blue bullet demolition – Removing a waterslide from a confined area, one section at a time.
Waterslide demolition – Waterlide demolition – removing pieces from the bottom up, constrained by surroundings and working at night, an interesting project, the crew loved the fast pace and out of the ordinary environment.
Welders at work – The crew here is always up for a challenge, whether it be time constraints, environmental, or design issues, nothing beats the thrill and accomplishment of a job well done and a customer well satisfied.